About Me

by Erin Lafond

So, here’s the thing. I got married in October 2019, so I spent the better part of 2019 (and a good chunk of 2018) planning my dream wedding. Even though I was still finishing graduate school and working on my new business, I spent every available second on my wedding.

I learned a possibly absurd amount about weddings. But I also discovered that I just truly enjoyed them. I enjoyed learning about them and seeing all the new trends. I had fun discovering what the traditions were (even though I broke most of them for my wedding!), and I felt a connection to an industry that amazes me every day. So, when it was all over, I realized that I wasn’t quite ready to give up weddings.

My solution? Combine my stellar writing skills with what I’m passionate about. I’ve spent most of my life honing my craft, and now, I help wedding professionals upgrade their business by enhancing their creative content.

Hello! My name is Erin, and I’m a freelance writer and developmental editor for hire. I create engaging and well-written content that can help you attract customers and develop credibility. Any content I write is also search engine and social media friendly! I specialize in blogging for business. While I can research any topic for blog posts, I have personal experience in weddings, writing, and blogging.

Additionally, I’m an experienced editor. I have a unique background because I’m an academic who’s spent time studying creative writing and working with business writers. This basically means that whatever you’re writing, I can help.

If you’re looking for credentials, I have an MA in English from Boston College where I also obtained a certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies. I’m also enrolled in the New York Institute of Art and Design for wedding planning.

freelance writer and developmental editor

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